Terms and Conditions of Service

The terms and services of http://fanstimeout.com apply to all categories of visitors, viewers, fans, affiliates, customers, and audiences, both new, returned, and end-to-end users.

By using http://fanstimeout.com, you have agreed not to
1. Insult, harass, threaten, impersonate or scare anyone in the comment section and it like.
2. Tarnish the image and reputation of the site in any possible way.
3. Develop or transmit undesirable spam to anyone or in any form.
4. Communicate with the site consuls and other users in a disdain manner.
5. Intrude the right and privacy of other users.
6. Use a username that infringes the trademark, logo, and brands of another establishment.

Consequently, By using http://fanstimeout.com, you have agreed to
1. Respect the right of other users at all times and in all forms.
2. Give your opinion in a fair, firm, and diplomatic manner.
3. Be prudent and remained discreet in Remarks and correction of its contents.
4. Present criticism in an event of its uprising in a constructive way.

Rights of Ownership
The website http://fanstimeout.com and its contents are owned or licensed by it and also protected by copyright. Therefore no visitor or user except expressly authorized by the website is allowed to use, sell, and disseminate the entities from the site.

Copyrights, Brands, Logotypes, and trademarks peculiar to http://fanstimeout.com shall remain its entity.

Except permitted, do not hyperlink the site http://fanstimeout.com or reference the url (fanstimeout.com) for any activity.

Private Child Activity
All are allowed to visit, read, view, interact, and navigate with the contents of http://fanstimeout.com except children under the age of 18 years.

Breach of terms
http://fanstimeout.com reserves the exquisite right to refuse access to visitors or users on account of a breach of terms of service and also, the conditions of the contract may change from time to time.

Parties to the agreement are visitors, viewers, fans, audience, users, friends, affiliates, customers, and also the operators as well as owners of http://fanstimeout.com.